hawthorne mosquito control

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It may shock you, but Mosquitoes cause more deaths than any other insect. Mosquitoes here in Hawthorne are adapting better and better to city living, so we are becoming much more concerned Our Hawthorne mosquito control experts understand these risks and take the responsibility of protecting you very seriously.

Although pest professionals can significantly impact the mosquito population in an area, they’re not able to promise complete mosquito removal. At Hawthorne Pest Control, we make it our goal to decrease the mosquitoes in your area by 80%. Unfortunately, no company is going to be able to eliminate the mosquitoes 100%

Once you decide to call one of our Hawthorne mosquito exterminators we will come out to inspect the area near where the bite occurred. At this time, we will attempt to identify the type of mosquito and the breeding area.

We will work to control the mosquito population at both at all levels. If you’re dealing with a mosquito problem, give Hawthorne Pest Control a call at 310-692-9493, right away!